Bundling clips, lateral adjustment CHA2

With fir tree, Cikkszám: 151-02901

The CHA2 with fir tree base and length tolerance compensation for precise cable routing even in difficult conditions.


  • Easy to install without the need for a tool
  • Horizontal length tolerance compensation
  • Ideal if holes do not fit registration or bundles need to be routed around corners



An easy means of routing and securing cable sets in various parts of cars.

With fir tree az alábbi iparágban használhatóak

Anti rotation (Yes / No) NO
Colour Black (BK)
Description Short (BMEcat) (max. 150 characters) Moveable Bundling Clip with Fixing and Fir Tree 54x6.0 mm, black
Features and Benefits There are various types of TapeClip available for winding cables and cable looms. The cables to be wound are easily fixed to the winder bar with cable ties or adhesive tape. The really special thing about the CHA series is its horizontal length tolerance compensation. This is of benefit if holes cannot be drilled to fit perfectly or the cable bundle has to be routed around corners. The use of the TCSFT6.5S-CHA-MD with seal is recommended if drill holes need to be protected against water ingress. Bases in a variety of shapes and sizes are available for all manner of metal thicknesses and drill hole diameters tailored to meet precise application requirements.
Fixation Method Fir Tree
Fixing Hole Shape Circular
Pack Cont. 500pcs.
Package Quantity per Bag
Product Family With fir tree
Product Group Bundling clips, lateral adjustment
Wings on clip base (Yes / No) YES
Bundling Bar Length 54.0mm
Disc ∅ 14.0mm
for Hole ∅ (FH) 6.5 - 7.0 mm
for Panel Thickness min - max 0.8 - 2 mm
Height (H) 7.7mm
Height (H2) 8.0mm
Length (L) 54.0mm
Length of Fir Tree 8.0mm
Panel Thickness max. 0.8 – 2.0mm
Width (W) 6.0mm
ELV compliant Dir. Art. 4 (2) YES
Flammability UL 94 V2
Hazardous good No
Material Polyamide 6.6 (PA66)
Operating Temperature - °C -40 °C to +85 °C, (+105 °C, 500 h)
EAN / GTIN 4031026232140
Packaging 1 - Height (m) 0.07m
Packaging 1 - Length (m) 0.21m
Packaging 1 - Qty 500
Packaging 1 - Type Bag
Packaging 1 - Volume (m³) 0.00272
Packaging 1 - Weight (kg) 0.655kg
Packaging 1 - Width (m) 0.185m
Packaging 3 - Height (m) 0.36m
Packaging 3 - Length (m) 0.57m
Packaging 3 - Qty 10000
Packaging 3 - Type Carton
Packaging 3 - Volume (m³) 0.0759
Packaging 3 - Weight (kg) 13.755kg
Packaging 3 - Width (m) 0.37m
Packaging 4 - Height (m) 1.225m
Packaging 4 - Length (m) 1.2m
Packaging 4 - Qty 120000
Packaging 4 - Type pallet
Packaging 4 - Volume (m³) 1.176
Packaging 4 - Weight (kg) 186.06kg
Packaging 4 - Width (m) 0.8m
Weight 0.655kg
ETIM 5.0 EC000449
ETIM 6.0 EC000449
UNSPSC Key 39121717

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