2-Piece Fixing Ties for parallel separation T50RSINGLECOUPLER

Cikkszám: 156-01134


  • Pre-assembled 2-piece fixing tie with coupler
  • Cable tie head can be moved after bundling
  • Easy addition of cables after assembly
  • For parallel routing of bundles that can be twisted 90° even after installation


T50RSINGLECOUPLER az alábbi iparágban használhatóak

  • Automotive Industry Automotive Industry
Application Tool MK3PNSP2, MK3SP, MK6, MK7HT, MK7P, MK20, MK21, EVO7, EVO9
Colour Black (BK)
Description The Coupler is the simple way to connect two cable ties for a parallel routing of two bundles. His special design allows the ties 90 degrees of rotation. This is ideal for all applications where the cable, pipe or hose should move flexible in relation to the fixing point. The Coupler can be used with one or two cable ties. This allows easily subsequent installation or replacements of further cables, pipes or hose.
Description Short (BMEcat) (max. 150 characters) 2-Piece Fixing Ties for parallel separation 202x4.6 mm, high impact modified, heat stabilised, black
Features and Benefits The Coupler is an article to connect two cable ties maximum for parallel bundling of tubes, harnesses or cables. Its design enables the cable ties to rotate up to 90° and allows flexible installations.
Identification Plate Position none
Pack Cont. 1500pcs.
Package Quantity per Box
Product Group 2-Piece Fixing Ties for parallel separation
Tie Closure plastic pawl
Type 156-01134
Variant Inside Serrated
Bundle ∅ max. 47.0mm
Bundle ∅ min. 2.0mm
Length (L) 202.0mm
Min.Tensile Strength 225N
Width (W) 4.6mm
Cable Tie Polyamide 6.6, high impact modified, heat stabilised (PA66HIRHS)
ELV compliant Dir. Art. 4 (2) YES
Foot Part Polyamide 6.6, high impact modified, heat stabilised (PA66HIRHS)
Hazardous good No
Material Polyamide 6.6, high impact modified, heat stabilised (PA66HIRHS)
EAN / GTIN 4031026466200
Packaging 1 - Height (m) 0.083m
Packaging 1 - Length (m) 0.395m
Packaging 1 - Qty 500
Packaging 1 - Type Bag
Packaging 1 - Volume (m³) 0.00836
Packaging 1 - Weight (kg) 0.977kg
Packaging 1 - Width (m) 0.255m
Packaging 3 - Height (m) 0.2m
Packaging 3 - Length (m) 0.395m
Packaging 3 - Qty 1500
Packaging 3 - Type Carton
Packaging 3 - Volume (m³) 0.0237
Packaging 3 - Weight (kg) 3.351kg
Packaging 3 - Width (m) 0.3m
Packaging 4 - Height (m) 1.144m
Packaging 4 - Length (m) 1.2m
Packaging 4 - Qty 60000
Packaging 4 - Type pallet
Packaging 4 - Volume (m³) 1.098
Packaging 4 - Weight (kg) 155.04kg
Packaging 4 - Width (m) 0.8m
Weight 0.977kg
ETIM 5.0 EC000046
ETIM 6.0 EC000046

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